Wedding planners

Ania Śron i Kasia Smółka


I have graduated from the Wroclaw University, the Faculty of Law and Administration and I have got the title of MA in Administration.

When living in Poland I worked for a logistics company dealing with international transport for many years. But my passion has always been travelling and learning foreign languages. I lived in Germany, Holland, Ecuador for some time. This experience helped me to appreciate the variety of cultures. I have a good command of English, German, Russian and Spanish (I have completed the course Escuela Oficial de Idioma). I have lived on Tenerife since 2012 years and I am enchanted with this place. My interests include diving, law and literature.


I have graduated from the State Higher Vocational School in Kalisz, the Faculty of Business Management.

I lived in Great Britain for a few years, which broadened my knowledge and taught me tolerance in regard to other cultures. I have lived on Tenerife since 2010. I ran my own business here for some time that helped me to learn Spanish quickly and get to know the reality of life here. I have a good command of English and Spanish. My interests include sport, fashion and travelling.

Privately, I am happily married and a mother of a eight year old Oskar.

Welcome to our website,

We are wedding planners on Tenerife Island. We organise weddings and wedding receptions as well as various other celebrations. We have been living on this charming island for six years and we have got to know every part of it very well. It is our world of paradise that we would like to share with you. It has so much to offer….

The idea to organise this most memorable day professionally results from our belief that Tenerife is undoubtedly an unusual, lovely and remarkable place for such an event.

Our personal abilities enable us to do this unique job successfully. We combine our professional planning and organizing skills with a sense of good taste. We have always dreamt about doing something creative and helping others to make their dreams come true.

In order to get all the substantive knowledge and required skills to do this job we have done the certified course organised by ”Polish Association of Wedding Planners’’ and a diploma Spanish course ‘’Certificacion Master Practico de Wedding Planer Profesional’’.

We will organise your perfect wedding and take care of all the details. We will arrange everything you dream of and will help fulfil your deepest desires. With us your dream wedding day will be enchanting and extraordinary….

Our policy is: Happy people on the wedding day= Happy married couple.

Are you ready to plan your fabulous wedding?