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Among the Tropical Greenery
at the Banana Plantation


Exotic wedding in a tropical paradise

Do you dream of a wedding surrounded by tropical beauty and luxury? Our arrangement will make your dreams come true. We invite you to the luxurious Finca, which is a real oasis of beauty and exotic climate.

This unusual place is located in the heart of a banana plantation, which gives it a unique character. The ceremony takes place outdoors, which adds charm to your special day. It is an invitation to an exotic adventure that will turn into beautiful memories.

Wedding In Exotic Style

Our arrangement is a luxury in the company of nature. The unique surroundings will make your celebration even more unforgettable, and the exotic atmosphere will additionally emphasize the uniqueness of this day.

In this arrangement, a larger wedding ceremony can take place (minimum 25 people).

This unique Finca is a place where the magic of tropical nature becomes the backdrop for your celebration. Surrounded by lush greenery and exotic plants, move to a land where nature creates the most beautiful decor.

Exotic atmosphere, banana plantation and magical atmosphere are the elements that will make your day unique. Contact us to soon immerse yourself in an exotic wedding paradise.

We are ready to make your dreams come true!

Here we can organize a Humanist Wedding or Marriage Vow Renewal for you .

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