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Discover a New Dimension of Love in Tenerife: Celebrate Anniversaries and Relationships

Are there any more beautiful ways to show love than to celebrate moments together in the paradise surroundings of Tenerife?

Our service of organizing a Romantic Wedding Anniversary or Relationship Anniversary will help you create unforgettable moments during which you will be able to indulge in romance, peace and beauty of this magical island.

Welcome to a world where a Wedding Anniversary or an important date in your relationship takes on a new meaning – because true love is worth celebrating in a unique way!

Anniversaries Full of Magic
What we offer

Anniversaries Full of Magic

It’s time to say thank you for the years together, memories and love that lasts . In Tenerife, we offer a unique opportunity for you to share this special moment together. Our atmospheric sunset picnics on the beach, surrounded by nature or overlooking the ocean are a chance to create memories that will stay with you forever.

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Każdy związek jest unikalny, dlatego nasza oferta jest elastyczna. Dostosujemy menu, dekoracje i atmosferę do Waszych gustów i preferencji, tworząc spersonalizowane i magiczne świętowanie, które oddaje istotę Waszej relacji.

Intimacy and Proximity

Intimacy and Proximity

You are both at the center of the action. Our picnics create an intimate atmosphere in which you can indulge in conversations, dances or touching moments together. Breaking away from the daily routine and immersing yourself in the beauty of Tenerife will strengthen your bond.

Touching Views

Touching Views

The beach, the ocean, the mountains and the sunset – it’s all now at your fingertips. Our offer will allow you to enjoy these natural beauties in a unique way. Romantic moments in Tenerife are an excellent background for expressing love and affection.

Capturing the Moment

Capturing the Moment

May the beauty of your relationship be immortalized forever. We offer outdoor photo sessions that will allow you to preserve the magic of this unique moment in beautiful frames. Capture looks full of affection and smiles that say more than words.

Sounds of Love

Sounds of Love

Do you want to emphasize the atmosphere of love? On request, we can organize live music, such as the delicate sounds of the saxophone, the warmth of the Spanish guitar or the captivating violin. These sounds will complete the romantic mood of the evening.

Unique Expression of Love

Unique Expression of Love

Our service is a unique way to express your love and care for your loved one. A Romantic Anniversary or celebrating the Anniversary of a Relationship in Tenerife is a gift that will speak to the heart and leave a permanent mark on your hearts.

Dream Evening Full of Love

Let yourself be carried away by passion in the fabulous scenery of Tenerife. Choose our service for organizing a Romantic Anniversary in Tenerife and create moments together that will always remain your secret.

We will implement any original idea

With us, you can turn any, even the most original idea, into reality. 

Tenerife Romantic Anniversary Package

  • organizing a Romantic Evening on the south coast of Tenerife: on the beach, on the coast overlooking the ocean or in the mountains,
  • a romantically prepared place: a blanket or a table with chairs,
  • decor,
  • candles,
  • a bouquet of flowers for the chosen one,
  • balloons,
  • champagne,
  • fruit,
  • snacks,
  • coordination of all details on the day of the event.

Price: 390€

On request, for an additional fee, live music can be ordered: saxophone or Spanish guitar and dinner for two.

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Additional Services

Additionally, you can order:

Photo session

Capture the Magic of the Evening in a Unique Outdoor Photo Session

In our offer, we encourage you to take advantage of an unforgettable outdoor session that will take your love to the beach, picturesque parks, majestic cliffs, mountain landscapes, banana plantations or even in the shadow of the majestic El Teide volcano.

These are not just photos, these are emotions that will be immortalized forever. 

Your smiles, looks and gestures will become a beautiful story that you will be able to remember after years. 

See the Photo Gallery of Our Couples

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Live music

Sounds that Paint Love – Live Music during the celebration of the Evening For Two

Would you like your evening to be not only beautiful, but also full of emotions? We offer an unusual proposition – the sounds of live music that will complement the charm of your special day.


Our offer includes a choice between Spanish guitar, saxophone and violin during the Engagement. Each of these instruments carries its own unique atmosphere, adding magic and emotion to your moment.

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Video Clip

Unforgettable Moments Captured in Frames 

Would you like to keep every touching moment of this special day? Our offer of a Video Clip from a Romantic Evening For Two is the condensed essence of this special day, captured in beautiful frames. 

Thanks to professional production and artistic approach, your special day will become an unforgettable story to watch and experience at any time.

See Video Clips of Our Couples

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Evening For Two at sunset is a wonderful time to celebrate together, which is surrounded by a unique taste. Our offer of a delicious, romantic dinner is not just a meal, it is a moment that connects you in a pleasant and unique atmosphere.

We organize dinner in a selected place – in a hotel, an elegant restaurant with a view of the ocean or in the Beach Club, where the sound of the waves adds notes of romance. Our offer is tailored to your preferences.

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Tell us your wishes and we will do our best to fulfill them.

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We make dreams of a Dream Day in Tenerife come true, creating unique moments full of emotions and magic. Our satisfied couples are the best proof of our work.

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