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Additional Services

Unique accessories that create your unique wedding

Your wedding is not just a celebration, it is a story about your love that deserves special accents. We offer a wide selection of additional services that allow you to personalize your day, creating unforgettable memories.

Your Wedding, Your Choice

For each of our wedding packages, you can additionally order elements that match your style and preferences. Live music, professional photo session, outdoor session, video from the ceremony – these are just some of our proposals. 

Live music during the Wedding Ceremony

Sounds That Paint Love – Live Music for Your Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Would you like your wedding ceremony to be not only beautiful, but also full of emotions? We offer you an unusual proposition – the sounds of live music that will complement the charm of your special day.


Our offer includes a choice between Spanish guitar, saxophone, violin and keyboards as a musical instrument during the Ceremony. Each of them carries its own unique atmosphere, adding magic and emotions to your wedding moment.

Background music during the ceremony gives a deeper character to your Ceremony, introducing a subtle atmosphere that touches and adds splendor. These are the sounds that paint love and give this moment a magical dimension.

Shared Tale in Sounds:

As a young couple, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite songs that will accompany your wedding step. The sounds that witnessed your most beautiful moments together will now create an unforgettable soundtrack for your Ceremony.

We are here to create a unique atmosphere that will emphasize this important moment in your life.

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Live music during the wedding party

Subtle Sounds Create the Unforgettable Melody of Your Wedding – Live Music as an Elegant Accent for a Gala Dinner

It is worth knowing that every little note can give your wedding day a unique rhythm. That is why we offer you an unforgettable attraction – live music during the wedding reception. It is a subtle accent that will make the gala dinner even more special.

Elegance in Sounds:

A saxophone or a professional music group is an excellent choice to fill the space with sounds full of emotions. The delicate tones of the saxophone, the unique sound of instruments in the hands of talented artists – this is what creates an atmosphere of unforgettable elegance and romance.

Live music is also a great opportunity for your guests to dance to the sounds of their beloved melodies. It creates a pleasant background for conversations and creating memories that will stay in their and your hearts for a long time.

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Photo session from the Wedding Ceremony

Capture the Magic of the Wedding Ceremony – Photo Session full of Emotions and Beauty

Your wedding in an exotic country is a dream that becomes a reality. In order to preserve the most beautiful moments of this special day, we offer you a photo session from the Wedding Ceremony – an indispensable element that will allow you to stop time and capture emotions.

Our offer is not just ordinary photographs, it is a story full of feelings, capturing the emotions and joy that accompany your celebration. 

Together with us, you can plan a session that will focus on the most important moments of the Ceremony, creating a beautiful narrative of your day.

Photos from the Wedding Ceremony are not only a souvenir, they are emotions that will come back to you every time you look at them. 

Thanks to the photo session during the Ceremony, you will preserve the beauty of these moments, which will become an irreplaceable part of your life together.

See the Photo Gallery of Our Couples

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Outdoor photo session

Capture the Magic of Your Wedding Day in a Unique Outdoor Photo Session

An outdoor photo session is not just a moment, it is a unique ritual that allows you to capture the magic of your Wedding Day. In our offer, we encourage you to take advantage of an unforgettable outdoor session that will take your love to the beach, picturesque parks, majestic cliffs, mountain landscapes, banana plantations or even in the shadow of the majestic El Teide volcano.

These are not just photos, these are emotions that will be immortalized forever. 

Your smiles, looks and gestures will become a beautiful story that you will be able to remember after years. 

See the Photo Gallery of Our Couples

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Video Clip

Play Video

Unforgettable Moments Captured in Frames – Video Clip from the Wedding and Reception

Would you like to save every touching moment of your dream wedding? Our offer of a Wedding Video Clip is the condensed essence of your ceremony and reception, captured in beautiful frames. 

Thanks to professional production and artistic approach, your special day will become an unforgettable story to watch and experience at any time.

See Video Clips of Our Couples

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Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup for the bride and her guests

Your special day deserves a glowing and beautiful make-up that will emphasize your natural beauty. Our offer of wedding makeup is not only a professional service, it is a ritual that will make you feel extremely special.

Every Bride’s Beauty:

On your Wedding Day, we want you to radiate happiness and confidence. That is why we work with exceptional makeup professionals who know how to emphasize your beauty and enhance your natural features.

Service Available to All:

Not only you, the bride, can use our service. We also offer wedding makeup for wedding guests so that everyone can feel beautiful and confident on this important day.

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Wedding hairstyle

The beauty and uniqueness of your image

Your wedding hairstyle is not only a hairstyle, it is a beauty that gives you expression and uniqueness on this important day. 

Beauty in Every Detail:

We understand that your hairstyle is of great importance to you. Our team of specialists works on every detail to make your hairstyle beautiful and refined in every detail.

By choosing a wedding hairstyle, you give it a character that fits perfectly with your image. Your wedding hairstyle is an element that will emphasize your unique charm, giving you confidence and shine.

Availability for Everyone:

Not only you, the bride, can use our service. Also, wedding guests deserve beauty and uniqueness. We also offer wedding hairstyles for them, so that everyone can feel beautiful and confident.

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A car with a chauffeur

Elegance in Motion – A Chauffeur-driven Car That Adds Uniqueness To Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is a unique journey, and we are here to add a touch of luxury to it. Our offer of a car with a chauffeur is not only transport, it is an experience that gives your day even more elegance.

Arrival with Great Style:

Feel special when you arrive at the Wedding Ceremony in a non-standard car, escorted by an experienced chauffeur. This is the moment when the Bride and Groom gains true splendor.

Variety and Choice:

Let your car reflect your style. We offer various options, from elegant limousines, through classic vintage cars, to modern cabriolets. You can choose from a variety of options to find the one that best suits your vision.

White Cadillac – Classic Elegance:

The white Cadillac is the favorite of our young couples. It is a symbol of classic elegance and an unforgettable journey into a new life.

Start this unique journey with this car that will complete the magical atmosphere of your wedding.

An additional attraction for you and your guests:

Not only you, the Young Couple, will feel the uniqueness of this transport. A chauffeur-driven car is also an additional attraction for your guests, who will be able to admire your arrival in style.

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Wedding cake

A Sweet Summary of Your Reception – Unique Wedding Cakes for the Bride and Groom

Your wedding party deserves a dessert that guests will remember forever. Our wedding cake offer is not only a wonderful cake, it is a work of art that will make your dreams of a sweet finale come true.

Flavors That Reflect Your Style:

A wedding cake is more than just a taste. It is a reflection of your personality and style. When preparing the cake, we take into account your preferences regarding decorations and flavors, creating a unique dessert that will reflect your character.

Cooperation with the Best Confectioners:

We work with renowned pastry shops that not only create visually stunning cakes, but also ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Sweet Memories Add-on:

Your wedding cake is not only a delicious cake, it is a symbolic moment that will be associated with your wedding day.

We invite you to create your own, tasty story that you will share with your wedding guests.

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Shared Hospitality and Exquisite Dinner – A perfect complement to your big day

After the touching Wedding Ceremony, it’s time for a joint celebration, which is surrounded by a unique taste. Our offer of a wedding reception in the form of a dinner is not only a meal, it is a moment that connects you and your guests in a pleasant and unique atmosphere.

Culinary Sophistication:

Your wedding reception deserves culinary sophistication. We organize dinner in a selected place – in a hotel, an elegant restaurant with a view of the ocean or in the Beach Club, where the sound of the waves adds notes of romance. Our offer is tailored to your preferences.

Flavors You Like Most:

Thinking about you and your guests, we will create a menu that will reflect your style and taste.

Fun and Dance Ritual:

We also cooperate with places where it is possible to celebrate longer and have fun dancing. It is an opportunity for entertainment and dancing, which will allow you and your guests to celebrate together in the rhythm of joy.

Hospitality and Celebration:

A wedding dinner is not just a meal, it is a celebration of love and at the same time an opportunity to thank your loved ones for accompanying you on this special day. 

Plan a unique wedding dinner with us, which will complement your Big Day with taste and hospitality.

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Decorated chairs

Charming Seats – Decorated Chairs That Add Dimension To Your Wedding Decoration

Details matter, especially on a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Our offer of decorated chairs is not only decoration, it is an element that emphasizes the beauty of your ceremony.

Details that Create Memories:

Beautifully decorated chairs are an addition that creates consistency in your decoration. Thanks to them, your ceremony takes on a unique character that emphasizes not only your love, but also aesthetics.

Material and Floral Delicacy:

We create decorated chairs using high-quality materials and flowers that give them subtlety and uniqueness. Every detail is carefully refined to complete the whole of your decoration.

Frames for your Wedding Arch:

Decorated chairs are the perfect complement to a beautiful wedding arch. We create a coherent whole, which gives your ceremony place a unique dimension as part of the decoration.

Beauty in Details:

Details create atmosphere and uniqueness. Our range of decorated chairs is an addition that will delight your guests and provide you with beautiful memories.

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Journey Full of Comfort – Transport for the Bride and Groom and Wedding Guests

Your special day deserves a journey of comfort and serenity. Our transport offer for the Bride and Groom and wedding guests is not only a journey, it is a moment that makes your celebration even more special.

Punctuality and Safety:

We organize transport for you and your guests to the wedding ceremony and after its completion to the hotel. Our team makes sure that every trip is punctual and safe, allowing you to focus on the moments of joy.

Full Fun Without Limits:

Wedding transport is not only a way to get to the ceremony. It gives you and your guests the opportunity to have fun without the restrictions of driving. Enjoy the joy without worrying about the way.

Convenience for you and your guests:

Wedding transport is not only a pleasure for the Bride and Groom, but also a convenience for your guests. We ensure that everyone will arrive on time and return safely, without worrying about the organization of journeys.

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Tell us your wishes and we will do our best to fulfill them.

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Let your wedding reflect your uniqueness. We offer services that allow you to create an atmosphere that suits your dreams. Whether it’s an elegant car with a chauffeur, decorated chairs for guests or professional make-up and hairstyle – every detail creates a whole.

Additional services are not only decorative elements or attractions – they are creating joy and memories. 

We offer you the opportunity to personalize your wedding, thanks to which your day will be unique and full of emotions.

Ready for us to create an unforgettable
Wedding in Tenerife together?

We are here to make your dreams come true. If you have special wishes, we will try to fulfill them. 

Each wedding is individual, and our additional services allow you to create a unique scenario for this special day.

Contact us so that we can create a unique story of your wonderful day.

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