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Wedding in the Canary Islands. Why is it worth it?

BlogTenerifeWeddingWedding in the Canary Islands. Why is it worth it?

Wedding in the Canary Islands. Why is it worth it?

Everyone dreams of a unique wedding day that will be remembered forever. One of the most beautiful places in the world where you can organize this special day is the Canary Islands . These Spanish islands, located in the Atlantic, are the perfect place for a wedding and reception. Beautiful beaches, wonderful weather all year round and unusual places to visit – these are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting married in the Canary Islands. In this post you will learn more about organizing a wedding in this extraordinary place.

Beautiful landscapes in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world to organize a wedding. Not only do they provide ideal weather conditions for most of the year, but they also offer amazing outdoors that will make this special day even more magical. If you dream of a romantic wedding in a paradise setting, the Canary Islands are just the place you are looking for.

Unique beaches

The Canary Islands are famous for their beautiful beaches with white, golden and black sand. These natural oases are the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies. You can say the sacramental “yes” on the beach at sunset, with the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean behind the scenes. The beach is a place full of romance, and the sound of the waves adds a unique charm to this magical event.

Volcanic landscapes

The Canary Islands are known for their impressive volcanic landscapes. The El Teide volcano in Tenerife is one of the highest peaks in Spain and is an impressive setting for a wedding ceremony. You can trade vows atop this majestic volcano while enjoying the spectacular view of the surrounding islands and ocean. It is a truly unforgettable experience that will remain in the memory of both you and your guests forever.

Picturesque gardens and parks

The Canary Islands abound in picturesque gardens and parks that provide the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. The warm climate and the abundance of vegetation create a wonderful setting for wedding ceremonies. You can choose botanical gardens full of exotic flowers, where scents and colors will create an amazing atmosphere. Coastal parks, with palm trees and fountains, will add elegance and charm to your wedding. Whichever you choose, the Canary Islands will surely provide you with a unique and unforgettable place for your dream wedding.

The wonderful outdoors in the Canary Islands, such as unique beaches, volcanic landscapes and picturesque gardens and parks, make organizing a wedding on these islands a great choice. Every element of the environment adds magic and romance to this special day. If you dream of a wedding in an unusual place, the Canary Islands will be the perfect place for you and your partner.

Why Tenerife?

Because, above all, Tenerife has excellent weather all year round!

Stable temperatures

In Tenerife you can enjoy perfect weather all year round. One of the main reasons to organize a wedding on this island is the stable temperatures. Regardless of the season, you can expect pleasant weather and warm days. Even in winter, average temperatures stay around 20 degrees Celsius, providing ideal conditions for an outdoor wedding.

A small amount of precipitation

Another advantage of Tenerife is the small amount of rainfall. This means that the chances of unforeseen rains on your wedding day are minimal. This is important because no one would like a beautiful ceremony to be disturbed by adverse weather conditions. Thanks to this, when organizing a wedding in Tenerife, you can be sure that the ceremony and reception will take place in dry and pleasant conditions.

Warm and sunny days

The last aspect that speaks for choosing a wedding in Tenerife are warm and sunny days. The sun is an almost constant feature of the landscape here, which makes Tenerife the perfect place for both a wedding ceremony and a romantic honeymoon. Great sunlight creates a unique atmosphere and allows you to organize beautiful wedding photos that will be a beautiful souvenir for life.

Why is it worth organizing a Wedding in the Canary Islands

  1. Beautiful scenery: The Canary Islands are known for their beautiful nature, beaches, cliffs and mountain landscapes. The ceremony in such scenery creates a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. 
  2. Southern climate: The climate in the Canary Islands is mild and sunny most of the year, which makes it possible to organize a wedding in any month. 
  3. Perfect Ceremony Locations: The islands offer many charming venues for ceremonies, such as beautiful beaches, banana plantations, and terraces overlooking the ocean. 
  4. Multiplicity of possibilities: The Canary Islands offer the possibility of organizing a civil wedding (which, however, requires many formalities) or a humanistic wedding, which in many countries already has the force of law.
  5. Choice of accommodation: The Canary Islands have a wide selection of luxury hotels, villas and resorts that can provide comfortable accommodation for you and your guests.
  6. Excellent tourist attractions: In addition to the wedding, the Canary Islands offer many tourist attractions and activities that will allow you to spend a unique “honeymoon” and your guests an unforgettable holiday.
  7. Exploration of the island after the wedding: Organizing a wedding in Tenerife or another Canary Island will give you an additional opportunity to visit beautiful places and discover the culture of these unique islands.


It is worth noting that the Canary Islands have many other advantages that make them an ideal wedding destination. However, perfect weather all year round, stable temperatures, little rainfall and warm and sunny days are the key elements that attract young couples from around the world. Regardless of your preferences, the weather in the Canary Islands is always up to the task, guaranteeing successful and unforgettable wedding memories.

Do you dream of getting married in a warm country? Tenerife has everything you could want!

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